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    Welcome To The Revolutionary Digital Content Networking Site:

  • Come Join The First of it's Kind and revolutionary Community For Everyone, be it an ordinary Users, Content Creators and Digital Nerds. Where You Can:
  • Build and Run Your Media Company.
  • Feed-ify Your Ideas, Thoughts, Reviews, Quotes, Breaking News/headlines/Short News and anything in Just 300 words.
  • Feed-ify Will Make All the Shared Feeds Disappear within 24 hours but you can stop yours or other user's content from disappearing by Just hitting on Latch Button To Save it in order to read it or share it later.
  • Publish your own news articles as an individual or an organization/company
  • Publish Your Own content like Novels, Stories, Tutorials and Articles
  • Add Relavant Adveritisement of your choice free for each News or content you write or write the content that fits your sponsorers's products
  • Get Paid directly and what you dererve for the content you write just like any media company, Get Your sponsors and your content on to the internet just like a media company, say good bye to pay per clicks and views